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In no place is election law more fundamental to the operation of society than Arizona. After all, our state enjoys both a dynamic state election system including the potential for involvement with Clean Elections campaign financing, a healthy initiative and referendum process through which Phoenix and Arizona voters can become very directly involved in creating the laws that govern our communities, and proactive recall laws by which all manner of elected officials can be removed from office through the actions of the voters. However, the election system comes with rules that must be followed. And, if they are not, all your hard work running for elected office, supporting a candidate, or running an initiative campaign can be lost. Initiative or recall petitions can be rejected, civil or criminal liability may be imposed for campaign finance violations, and candidates can be kept off the ballot. Navigating this complex area often requires the help of an election attorney who can find, understand and communicate the relevant election regulations, and who can identify and work with governmental decision makers who oversee the election processes at the state, county and local levels. Sometimes government imposes restrictions on voting that may run afoul of constitutional, federal or state laws protecting citizens’ rights to vote. Regulations that improperly restrict the time or manner of voting, or that adversely impact the ability of underrepresented or minority groups to cast their votes, can often be challenged and overturned.

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We also have the knowledge needed to skillfully represent government officials and departments tasked with conducting elections.  Election officials are often called on to make difficult calls on whether to accept an election petition, whether a candidate has complied with relevant funding and campaigning laws, and whether voting procedures have been properly implemented at polling places.  We understand the practical challenges these issues often raise, and respond to such challenges with enthusiastic and proactive solutions based on the broad perspective our significant experience gives us.

Those seeking to protect the right of citizens to be heard properly at the ballot box and to participate in campaigns for public office require effective advocates who can understand and can quickly and effectively communicate the relevant rules to judges who will often address such challenges.

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