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Everyone knows the unique role religious freedoms, include the right to be free from government-imposed religion, plays in American life. But, few understand the complexities of when and how the government at any level might either support, advocate or restrict any particular religious practices or creed. Examples receiving much public attention in recent years include government construction of monuments honoring the Ten Commandments, government approval of snow making efforts on land deemed sacred by native peoples, and the ongoing debate over whether prayer can and should be allowed in public meetings or schools. These are just some of the many areas in which advice from an experienced First Amendment attorney can be critical to ensuring that religious freedoms are properly observed.

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For example, the federal constitutional provisions have been construed by the courts as having at least two major components – one of which guarantees individuals the freedom to exercise whatever religious perspective they choose without improper government interference, and the second which restricts government from establishing religion by support, overt or indirect, for certain religious efforts. The lines drawn around these rights are often far from clear. For example, while renting out a large public venue for a religious revival meeting might not impose any unconstitutional support for religion, the decision by a school principal to forbid the class valedictorian from wearing a citation to religious scripture on their commencement cap during their graduation address might violate religious freedom rights. Each case presents complex policy and constitutional law questions that advocates at our firm can help you assess.

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