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The Phoenix commercial litigation attorney at Baskin Richards draws on more than 20 years of experience of litigating commercial disputes for clients from our Phoenix, Arizona area home. We bring the intellectual firepower, creativity, and resources needed to solve “bet the company” problems, but can also effectively scale our services to provide highly effective litigation representation in more routine matters.

A Commercial Litigation Attorney You Can Trust

Our commercial litigation lawyer understands that before he even thinks about any commercial litigation tactics, he must take into account first and foremost the client’s objectives. We make it our goal from the outset to understand what our clients define as “success” in any given dispute. Only then can we most effectively bring to bear the substantial experience our attorneys share in crafting pre-trial and trial strategies to meet client expectations and fulfill their litigation needs.

Litigation can be a very costly solution to a business problem, and our clients do not appreciate spending resources just “going through the motions” in litigation. They expect us to be proactive, to quickly stake out highly defensible positions, and to exploit all opportunities to bring litigation to a quick close. We assess your problems with the finish line in mind and map the shortest and most effective route to get you there. That’s the real difference between us and firms with less diverse experience. Our rich backgrounds in a wide array of litigated subjects help us predict outcomes well, reserve resources for where they are most needed, and influence outcomes through thorough yet pragmatic trial tactics. This makes our commercial litigation lawyer at Baskin Richards the only option for any issues in this regard.

Litigation Cases Our Phoenix Commercial Attorney Handles

Our Phoenix commercial litigation attorney handles a broad range of civil litigation matters, including:

In addition to litigation in court, our commercial lawyers represent clients in similar disputes pending in other non-judicial forums like private arbitrations before such bodies as the American Arbitration Association.

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"Our cases are about people and relationships" -BASKIN RICHARDS

Our litigation skills also extend to helping business owners and much more.

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Our attorneys protect the rights of all types of clients in a wide variety of litigated matters.

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We are strongly experienced in representing both sides in many different types of disputes.

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