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Under the law governing contractual relationships, individuals and businesses can legally bind one another to perform.  A written contract is not always necessary; even verbal agreements can be legally enforced in many instances.  Unfortunately, when contracting parties fail or refuse to perform all that they have promised. Contracts can often be a source of disagreement that cannot be resolved without some kind of formal, private or commercial litigation.

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Our experienced breach of contract attorney is well qualified to assist clients in resolving contract disputes, seeking enforcement of breached promises, and assisting clients in recovering the types of damages that often result from the failure of one party to perform contractual promises.

breach of contract attorney
Whether the contract dispute involves a multi-million dollar lending or development relationship, a failed supply or subcontractor agreement, the breach of an employee’s or business partner’s non-compete or non-disclosure agreements, the refusal of one party to convey real estate as promised, or any other kind of contractual dispute, our attorneys bring a wealth of skill in contract interpretation and enforcement issues to the case.

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We are particularly adept at taking the type of immediate action needed to prevent near-term harms that a breach of contract might cause, and our Phoenix business law attorneys have developed efficient methods for seeking temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions.  We are also well-schooled in damages evaluation and can quickly and efficiently size up both potential recovery options and damages defenses that may impact our clients.  In short, we offer pragmatic, efficient and effective representation in almost all categories of Phoenix breach of contract disputes.

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Our litigation skills also extend to helping business owners and much more.

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Our attorneys protect the rights of all types of clients in a wide variety of litigated matters.

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We are strongly experienced in representing both sides in many different types of disputes.

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