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At Baskin Richards PLC, our defamation, libel and slander attorneys pride ourselves on offering legal talent whose skills are particularly adapted to efficient and effective representation and advice on defamation, libel and slander issues.

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Our law attorneys have broad experience that can help answer your questions about this area of the law. In emerging areas of the law, we can cover with you the legal rules governing online defamation in Arizona and the rules that control defamation of a business entity or product. If you or your business has been the target of false and disparaging comments by others, including business competitors, we can quickly help you assess whether the statements are legally actionable and plan a legal strategy for stopping the defamation and obtaining relief for any damages it has caused.

We are also well-skilled at defending against defamation claims and are able to present clear and persuasive positions that defeat unfounded defamation claims. And, we offer experience in advocating to obtain insurance coverage against such claims where it is available through business or homeowners’ policies.


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Slander is defined as making false and damaging statements about someone. If those statements are presented as facts, rather than judgment or opinion, this can be considered slanderous. Saying harmful statements can have many consequences to a person’s reputation, career, ability to own a home, and can inhibit various other potential monetary opportunities.

Our slander attorneys can help you recuperate the monetary losses in the court if you have been a victim of slander. Consult with the experts at Baskin Richards to discuss and determine if you have a case for being hurt by slander and to pursue compensation.

Defamation and the Internet

Always a hot legal topic for business and private parties alike, the exponential communication opportunities and reach offered by the Internet and social media sites make libel, slander, and defamation disputes more prevalent and relevant than ever before. Such issues, intertwined with First Amendment free speech rights, present a complex set of legal questions. For example, the nature of the target of the defamatory statements—particularly whether they are a public figure or a private figure—can make a substantial difference in what types of statements about them might constitute defamation. Also, statements that are seemingly defamatory in one context may not be considered legally defamatory in another context, or the relationship of the person making the statement to the receiver of the statement may create protective immunities. It takes an experienced Phoenix defamation attorney to help untangle these sophisticated issues.

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