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Federal and Arizona law have long provided protections for business assets commonly known as “intellectual property.” Your intellectual property can range from trademarks and trade names to copyrighted material and even trade secrets such as confidential client lists and information. The law offers a wide array of procedures for protecting such valuable assets, including in some cases registration with federal or state offices like the U.S. Patent & Trademark Office, the U.S. Copyright Office and the Office of the Arizona Secretary of State. Also, various federal and state statutes provide methods for protecting intellectual property, and guarantee the holder of the rights claims that can be pursued against those misusing their intellectual property to stop its misuse and to obtain damages caused by the misuse or misappropriation of the intellectual property.

Examples of intellectual property issues that the attorneys at Baskin Richards can help you with include:

  • Protecting against the misuse of confidential, proprietary trade secret information of your business (such as financial or operations information, customer information, marketing information or new product development information);
  • Protecting against attempts by competitors to unfairly compete by confusing consumers into believing the competitor is your business or offers the same services or products;
  • Protecting against unauthorized uses of your copyrighted materials, trademarked names, trade names or service marks by competitors or in an effort to discredit your brand or business;
  • Protecting you from counterfeit goods placed into the market place to mimic your goods and divert sales;
  • Helping you enforce against those from whom you have purchased intellectual property their contractual and common law obligations to avoid using the property any further or creating undue confusion in the marketplace;
  • Seeking injunctions to stop improper, unfair or deceptive trade practices or counterfeiting by competitors;
  • Defending against improper claims that you or your business have improperly usurped or used someone else’s intellectual property or are engaging in deceptive or improper trade practices.

Our Phoenix intellectual property litigation attorneys can help you protect your intellectual property and the value it represents to you by crafting effective contracts that protect misuse or misappropriation of such property by business partners, officers, employees or independent contractors. Our Phoenix business law lawyers can also effectively litigate claims involving intellectual property rights based on substantial experience in the area.

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