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By definition, trade secrets involve that information that has intrinsic value by virtue of its not being generally known to your competitors and that is subject to reasonable efforts by you to protect its secrecy. Our Phoenix trade secret attorneys understand the importance of trade secretes to your business.

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The business law attorneys at Baskin Richards can help you assess if information in your corporate inventory qualifies as protectable trade secrets so you can plan which materials to invest protection in. We can also help you decide if you are doing enough to meet the standards for reasonable preservation of the secrecy of your trade secrets. And, when you need contracts or policies drafted to implement such protections we can offer you comprehensive documents based on substantial experience with what does and does not work in this area to assure protection of your assets.

Trade Secrets

For example, the financial performance of your business, its list of prime customers or clients, its marketing plans, and its new business line or product plans may all be subject to protection under Arizona state law if it is not generally known to your competitors and you have taken reasonable steps to protect it. Those reasonable steps can include such things as employing cyber-security measures, requiring confidentiality agreements be signed by employees, officers, contractors and business partners, use of written confidentiality policies, employment of information inventory and accountability measures, non-competes and restriction of access to key information to persons with a need to know it.

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The law allows parties owning trade secrets to protect those secrets – with the primary weapon being an action for a temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction that prevents further misuse of the information pending resolution of your claims against the misappropriating party. You must act quickly to take advantage of these remedies, but with proper efforts, our Phoenix trade secret attorneys may even be able to quickly retrieve and secure the information away from the mis-appropriator. All of this can save countless investment dollars and allow you to keep the competitive advantages that your trade secrets provide from your competitors.

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